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posted by simo on 10/Sep/16

Nairobi boasts a serene forest and sprawling savannah where visitors can get up close to some of Kenya’s famed safari species. Here are places to spot Nairobi wildlife.

Nairobi National Park

Na an area of 117 square kilometres a few distance from Nairobi Central Business District is a wilderness to explore, with the grass plains sustaining antelopes, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes and noisy troops of baboons, and the acacia bush sheltering lions, leopards and endangered black rhinos.

Nairobi Safari Walk

This is a great extension to your safari around Nairobi National Park. Run by the Kenya Wildlife Service, who manage the country’s national parks and reserves, the Nairobi Safari Walk is essentially a zoo-like experience that provides you with a glimpse into the incredible biodiversity of Kenya’s protected areas from its raised wooden platform.

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