Elma Homelidays - Residences. At Elma Homelidays each residence we offer has been handpicked for its individual character and style, with variety the key to ensuring we find you the perfect residence to suit you.

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Elma Homelidays - Villas. Our selection of Villas are a great choice if you're looking for peace and quiet, or the freedom to come and go as you please with no set itineraries or meal times to keep to.

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Elma Homelidays - Timeshares. We offer our members time share exchange service. We also provide our clients with an extensive selection of timeshares from across the Kenya.

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Elma Homelidays - Homestays. Our hosts are real people, sharing their homes, offering guests a unique window into life in a new place and earning much needed extra income. Sound appealing?

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Elma Homelidays - Cabins. In need of a cabin getaway? Whether you're booking on short notice or planning well ahead, we make sure everything is in place for you to have an unforgettable trip.

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Holiday Homes

Elma Homelidays - Holiday Homes. All of our holiday homes have been furnished to an extremely high standard so we’re confident that you will come away pining for another visit!

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